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Mystery of mysteries [Apr. 5th, 2014|01:58 pm]
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Dear brain,

It's adorable that you've handed me the ten-years-later sequel to the five- or six-book mystery series. Really, I adore you. But, maybe we should work on finishing the first one? It's just a suggestion, you understand.

With exasperated fondness,

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[User Picture]From: autopope
2014-04-05 07:41 pm (UTC)


I love it when that happens to me :)

(Currently fighting off the three-years-overdue third book in a trilogy because I can't write it until I finish the next four books I've got under contract ...)
[User Picture]From: sleary
2014-04-06 02:15 am (UTC)


I've been following your adventures with the new trilogy -- and the various attack novels -- with much amusement and sympathy!
[User Picture]From: beth_bernobich
2014-04-05 08:10 pm (UTC)


Brains are funny.

Mine is handing me images and ideas from the sequel to this yet-unsold novel.
[User Picture]From: sleary
2014-04-06 02:21 am (UTC)


Everyone loves the premise and snippets you've posted for the yet-unsold novel, so I think you're fine!
[User Picture]From: beth_bernobich
2014-04-06 12:35 pm (UTC)


But like you, I need to finish the first book before I even think about writing future scenes. :)